God Heavens Emmanuel Messiah

SORRY--> Emanuel will always be his name.
THE HEAVENS GIVE this name! Emmanuel!
The Heavens Give The Title Messiah!
It is pronounced now-> Just like it was when given!
What is Christianity followers of christ!
Messiah---> Means chosen from heaven.
A name  The Heavens give  Like Emanuel, will never change!
The flesh and world changed the name! 
Not the Father in heaven!
When he gives A NAME--> it has defanition that describes what the one named is!  All names of the heavens define who and what!  The reason the Father give no name--> no way to define the Father in heaven, He just is every thing! 
All names back then, Defined who was named.
Two different names-->  Emmanuel & Jesus (Esus) two different people!  One of the heavens -> one of the Earth!
Ones of the earth are of the Blood line of lucifer. 
His Blood line goes back to reason for the flood!
They are the children of the Angels, that  took daughters of man to be their wives,!  The Gods of the  Earth’!  Are REAL! 
The men of Renoun are the gods of the earth,, THE statues of them ARE  every where!!   THE GIANTS THEY CREATED TO WAR & Build!
The reason The Father in heaven, Started  every thing over!
Then after the flood, their was a baby born,  & was of the angels blood line,  they were going to kill the child,  but the Father in heaven said NO!  HE said it had purpos!  
Then the first mention of the Messiah having to come!
The reason the chosen of the heavens, The  Messiah, had to come, is that child's Blood line! ( Lucifers)  was in full control at ZERO!
In John 8 Emmanuel tells this.  The priest were of their father,  and creator of their own lies!  Why power was taken from the priest! & Emmanuel  replaced the priest and made us our own temple!
Then the Temple / Church was closed!  
Christ & Messiah-> are Two different people!
One  of the Earth  One of the Heavens!
The Double Edge Sword!
THE TITLE Messiah  goes back to the Ethiopian Bible, the oldest writings found.
The Title is given from the heavens in the writings if Enoch.
We can not change, the Title, the name or the 7th day !
Any one that does IS LUCIFERS bloodline.
This is who wrote History.  THIS is who has Rule over the Earth!
Lucifer’s blood line! 
This is your images, rituals, Idols, We are told not to have any thing to do with and this is why!  Why nothing taught fits! History since Emmanuel, and the Religions created after are for their gods!  
VERY REAL!  WHY He said he is a jealous God. 

Myth is short for Mythraism!
Then became Christianity!
No Names Changed!!
IHS->  Christianity!   I ---> ISIS ----> H ---> HORUS--->

SIMPLE Direction, We all are given. 
If it is a Riddell, it is not of the Heavens!
George Jarrell 


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